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Using Interzoid with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL (also known as Postgres) is an open source database platform that has become one of the top relational databases of the Cloud era. Many Cloud SQL database platform offerings are based on or derived from PostgreSQL, and therefore work with PostgreSQL database drivers. For example, AWS (including RDS, Aurora, and Redshift), the Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, CockroachDB, EnterpriseDB, ElephantSQL, and even Azure SQL have PostgreSQL implementations available for use and running the Cloud. A partial list is here. Since Interzoid supports PostgreSQL connectivity, that means that database tables in these platforms can be targets of Interzoid analysis and processing, simply by using a PostgreSQL connection string.

There are two ways to work with and process Postgres tables: through the Cloud Data Connect Wizard, or via an API call.

Using the Cloud Data Connect Wizard, you simply connect to an instance of Postgres with a connection string (see below) or providing connection parameters within the form, selecting the database and table you will use as your source. You must also provide the specific column you will be matching on. You need to choose the category of matching you want to perform (company names, individual names, or addresses).

Finally, select the type of matching you want to perform. This can be a match/inconsistency report that shows clusters of similar data, inconsistent, and otherwise matched data. You can also create an output file with a similarity key for every record in the file. You can create a new table that will be created within the source database that will store the similarity keys along with the corresponding value, or you can choose to generate the SQL that allows for the same. Creating a new table to store similarity keys enables you to perform your own custom types of matching using similarity keys as the basis of a join rather than the actual value of the data itself, and also enables matching across tables within your database. This will provide significantly higher match rates than matching on the original data values.

Here is a screen from the Cloud Data Connect Wizard showing a sample configuration. After you select your options, click "Run" and you will shortly have your results.

Postgres data matching, data cleansing, and data quality example

You can also access a Postgres table programmatically via an API call. Here is an example (place in the URL address bar of your browser and press 'enter'):


For more details and documentation for the parameters of the API call, visit here.

Connection string example:


A "connection string" provides the parameters necessary to initiate the connection to a specific data source on the Cloud for analysis, enrichment, matching, or whatever data function from Interzoid is selected for use.

A connection string enables connecting to a data source using the Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product.