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Analyzing and Processing Microsoft Excel Files

Microsoft Excel files can have just as much inconsistent, non-normalized, duplicate, and other dirty data issues in the same way databases can. Fortunately, Interzoid makes these issues easy to identify and resolve. Interzoid can access files out in the Cloud, as well as local files on your machine, or any place else you are able to browse to via your device.

There are two ways to work with and process Excel files: through the Cloud Data Connect Wizard, or via an API call.

Using the Cloud Data Connect Wizard, you simply select the Excel file you want to process, the category of matching you want to perform (company names, individual names, or addresses), indicate numerically the column you want to use to match on (1 = Column A, 2 = Column B , etc.), and select the type of matching you want to perform. This can be a match/inconsistency report that shows clusters of similar data, inconsistent, and otherwise matched data. You can also create an output file with a similarity key for every record in the sheet. Currently, Cloud Data Connect only works with the first sheet of a workbook.

Here is a screen from the Wizard showing a sample configuration. After you select your options, click "Run" and you will shortly have your results.

Micrsoft Excel data matching, data cleansing, and data quality example

You can also access a sheet programmatically via an API call. Here is an example (place in the URL address bar of your browser and press 'enter'):


For more details and documentation for the parameters of the API call, visit here.

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