Go Sample Code: Matching Company Name Data

Here is an example that will generate a company/organizational name similarity key to match with other company/organization names using AI fuzzy matching algorithms (IBM = International Business Machines)

Go code:

package main

import (

type Payload struct {
	Simkey   string
	Code     string
	Credits  int

func main() {
    // Create the struct variable to store the decoded JSON response
    thePayload := Payload{}

    // Call the API
    // Can error check here too replacing underscore with 'err'
    response, _ := http.Get("https://api.interzoid.com/getcompanymatchadvanced?license=

    if response.StatusCode != 200 {
        // Report any HTTP Errors
        fmt.Println("Error: ", response.Status)

    } else {
        // Decode the JSON and print a comma-delimited response,
        // one of many ways to format the response
        _ = json.NewDecoder(response.Body).Decode(&thePayload)



To execute from the command line:

> go run YOURFILENAME.go



If you do not have an API License Key, you can obtain one by registering here.

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